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MOT and Servicing

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Book an appointment with Alpine Garage Ltd using SetMore
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Alpine Garage Ltd will advise you of any repairs that are needed on your vehicle to ensure that your car passes its MOT and is deemed as ‘roadworthy’. In most cases we are able to retest your car on the same day once the repairs have been carried out. Items that are not quite a failure, but need to be kept an eye on will be listed as ‘advisory’ items.

Having an MOT is different to servicing your vehicle, servicing assesses the general mechanical condition of your vehicle. Your MOT test doesn’t test the condition of: the engine, clutch or gearbox.

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Alpine Garage can undertake all you repairs from minor scrapes and scratches, to major accident repairs.

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Accident Repairs
We will be happy to assess any damage to your vehicle and provide you with a quote.
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Body Work Damage
Do you have minor scratches or damage? Let us take a look for you.
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Brakes and Discs
Brake discs and pads replaced while you wait
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Full diagnostic check carried out and report
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Fault Finding
Is your vehicle not running how you expect, think that might be an issue, let us take a look.